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Advanced Organic Chemistry Research Team

Thank you for visiting our website. Our team aims at the development of “next generation synthesis” and its utilization for the creation of functional organic molecules. Our vision of “next generation synthesis” is inspired by the highly efficient reactions the Nature uses: direct and highly selective coupling of organic molecules without prefunctionalization with reactive groups. We envision that by precise design of ligands, efficient and selective catalysts enable the rapid assembly of complex functional molecules from simple building blocks. Also, we are particularly interested in the development of sustainable catalysis based on Earth-abundant metals such as manganese, iron, cobalt, copper, etc.




Dr. Ilies gave a lecture on "Catalysis with Earth Abundant Transition Metals" at the Asian Workshop of Experiment and Theory in Quantum Beam Molecular Sciences, held at Ibaraki University. link


Dr. Ilies gave a lecture on "Iron Likes Single Electron Transfer" at the 1st Sino-Japanese Symposium on Catalysis for Precision Synthesis, held at the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry. link photo


Happy birthday Dr. Ilies! photo


Yoshida’s paper on silylation of aryl halides was published in Org. Lett. link


Takumi Yoshida was awarded the JSPS DC2 fellowship. Congratulation!


Happy birthday Yoshida-san! photo


Ilies Team kick off party. photo


The Advanced Organic Synthesis Research Team started its journey! photo


Farewell party with former Dr. Ilies' students at UTokyo. photo


Dr. Ilies gave a lecture on "How is Research in Japan Perceived Internationally?” at the Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan. link  photo